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How to Talk to Your KeepRite Dealer
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No one knows your preferred home comfort levels as well as you do. And, nobody understands how to help you create your perfect comfort for every season like your local KeepRite dealer. KeepRite dealers are experts who can assist with more than just installing a new heating or cooling system. They’re available to help you find the perfect products for your needs, cost-efficient solutions and comfort preferences. They can also help with diagnostics on your existing unit, routine maintenance and repairs.

Our KeepRite dealers can help you every step of the way, but there are also some things you can do to become an expert on your own home comfort system and prepare to talk to a dealer.

Think about what you want out of a home comfort system
  • Is air quality important to you? Is there someone in your family sensitive to pollen or that has allergies?
  • Are you planning on staying in your home for years to come?
  • Has your current heating system been warm enough in the winter? Your cooling system cool enough in the summer?
  • Are there new areas of your home you would like to add heating or cooling to, such as an attic or garage?
  • Are you looking for an economical solution?
  • Are high efficiency and long-term savings worth a bigger investment to you now?
  • Would you like more control of temperatures in your home or in different areas of your home?
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Prepare to talk to your dealer

Your answers to what you want out of a home comfort system will go a long way towards helping your dealer understanding your needs. Before your dealer arrives, make a list of your preferences, then be prepared to discuss the many options your dealer has to offer.

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